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2012-10-14 23:08:06 by LobsterTrain

Hi. Thought I'd post a news thing in case anybody happened to think I may be dead or something. I know I haven't submitted any content in well over a year, but that doesn't mean I've been doing absolutely fuck all. I have a youtube channel and I upload stuff on there more often than here 'cause that's where I post stuff that isn't flash animations. I am gonna try and get into making content in flash more frequently, but I can't say when exactly. I'll just go with "Sooner or later", so... sooner or later I'll get into a groove of regularly making content in flash, wether it be still images or animations, and I guess I'll make news posts more frequently so it doesn't look like I've abandoned this site. I'll post a link to my youtube channel and until I start posting here more, you're gonna see most of my activity on there. Just in case anybody's actually interested in my work. ature=mhee

In other news I've had this newgrounds account for two years as of the 11th! Happy birthday LobsterTrain!



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