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Holy shit, I haven't seen this in like 7 years, It's great seeing it again. Some brilliant surreal humour.

Great to see you still making animations like this. I really need to get back into making flash animations.

ClockOfBlob responds:

Good to see you're still kicking! Yah, I was kind of in an animation block, but I just pushed myself to make this. I think I'll start animating more frequently again. You should too!

So inspiring

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quite boring

It's quite fun to begin with and the controls are nice and responsive but it gets boring real quick and the track is so bland and it looks like this whole game had next to no effort put into it.

not very good

While I found the idea kind of funny (also tasteless) the game isn't that good. It's quite fun to begin with but then it gets far too difficult way too quickly and it gets really repetitive and rather boring.

Very good fun

Great fun for a side-scrolling brawler. The gameplay is simple, the controls are tight and flawless, the artwork is good and the animations are smooth and the whole thing is free of glitches. I liked the humour in this game such as the innuendos ans the other small touches, like the Dot Dot Dot references and the portraits in the backgrounds of some of the levels. The difficulty isn't too bad as it starts off easy and then gradually gets harder. The one small problem I had with the game was that there is no real strategy to fighting most of the enemies, just punch the shit out of them until they die, and the levels were rather repetitive. Overall it's a fun game, and the strategy required to defeat the final boss made up for the lack of strategy in the other levels.

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haha this is fuckin sweet it makes me want to watch the live action movie with matthew broderick now



When I listened to this piece I found it was very powerful as the sound of it evokes emotions and is very relaxing to listen to.

NordicHazard responds:

that's what i like to play on a piano and what calms me down!

Very nice

A good melody that can be perfect for building up towards some sort of climax, and the drums in the background really strengthen the intensity of it all

pftq responds:


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Very cool, you have a good drawing style.


Im liking mythical creatures and stuff and this is pretty epic


I think its pretty good

ClockOfBlob responds:


The jerking off ends here.

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